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John is one of Britain's finest Trumpeters. He began playing the Trumpet and Piano at the age of 5 and he makes his own backing tracks on Piano and Keyboards, whilst playing the trumpet "live" to the tracks when performing. Having perfected his breathing technique, John plays with consummate ease, and has a sound that is instantly recognisable.

He began a professional career at the age of 22, performing at The Hippodrome London, with more recent engagements at Kensington Palace London and The ICC Birmingham. In 1996 he played on the film sound track 'The Full Monty' with Stocksbridge Brass Band (Sheffield), having also worked in the past with artists such as Dina Carroll, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. He recently toured with the Sweet Inspirations, who were Elvis Presley’s female backing singers during the Vegas years. (1969-1977)

John also has his album tracks played on BBC Radio 2 on Good Morning Sunday, and recently toured Holland as guest soloist with a group of Dutch choirs called Grootkoor. 

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Featured Album

"But if music be the food of love, it's also the food of friendship and we have made wonderful friends of John Barker and his wife Gill.

John is not only a professional trumpeter but also a busker who brings joy to the high streets with a talent that defies definition. It was on a chance visit to Castleford when I heard Schubert's Ave Maria ringing down Carlton Street and shoppers were stopping in their tracks. We chatted, I bought 2 albums and played him on Radio 2- where he was and continues to be hugely popular-and it was a pleasure for John to play at our home for a Christmas party where he garnered an army of new fans." 

Hilary Robinson

Producer-BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday

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